St. Petersburg

About the Hotel

Glinz Boutique Hotel is a new point of Hospitality on the map of St. Petersburg under management of Ginza Hotels & Apartments.

The hotel is situated in the heart of the ancient, aristocratic and sophisticated Petrograd side district. Modern galleries, fashionable secret bars and showrooms of local designers – guests of Glinz hotel can discover absolutely new aspects of the city.

This is the source of strength for aesthetes and intellectuals where everything is concentrated on the sensory organs. The fine aroma of Zielinski & Rozen fills the hotel space and each detail of the interior attracts attention.

The Restaurant

PEAR is a chamber restaurant located on the ground floor of the Glinz Boutique Hotel. The conceptual direction is Mediterranean cuisine, which is based on seafood, vegetables, high—quality farm products and meat.

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Saint-Petersburg, Kazarmenniy Lane, building 2/42

Cruiser Aurora
15 minutes
Botanical Garden
10 minutes
The Peter and Paul Cathedral
25 minutes
10 minutes